Gestational diabetes and perinatal outcomes: A case control | 18028
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Gestational diabetes and perinatal outcomes: A case control study.


José Mauro Madi, Camila Viecceli, Daniel Ongaratto Barazzetti, Gabriela Pavan, Cristina Bergmann Triches and Breno Fauth de Araújo

The objective of this study was assessing the prevalence and the perinatal risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). It’s a case control methodology in which carriers of GDM were considered to be all pregnant women that during pre-natal care presented any degree of intolerance to glucose with beginning or diagnosis established for the first time during pregnancy. Maternal, obstetric and newborns variables were assessed. A significant statistical association was observed between the GDM group and the variables maternal age, body mass index, weight gain, parity, prenatal care, hypertensive syndrome, Apgar score at 1’, birth weight, breech presentation, cesarean section, need for treatment in neonatal intensive care unit and fetal macrosomia. In conclusion, perinatal risk in GDM cases is associated with greater morbidity.

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