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Genotypic association among yield and related attributes in mungbean genotypes


Sabra Begum1 , Muhammad Noor*1, Gulam Hassan1 , Hidayat ur Rahman1 , Durrishawar2 , Hidayat Ullah3 and Masood Jan1

The research was conducted at the Farm of Plant Breeding and Genetics Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Agricultural University, Peshawar during the year of 2009. The objectives of this research were to estimate heritabilities and genotypic correlations among traits of 10 mungbean genotypes. A randomized complete block (RCB) design with four replications was used. The parameters included were branches plant-1, plant height, pods plant-1, pod length, number of grains pod-1, number of grains plant-1, grain yield plant-1and 100-grain weight. Significant variation were observed among the yield and related traits. Pak-22 produced maximum number of branches plant-1 (4.25). NM-51 had maximum pod length (7.82cm) followed by NM-93 (7.42cm). Maximum grain yield was recorded for genotype Ramzan (45.35) while maximum 100-grain weight was recorded for NM-93 (5.85). High heritability was recorded for days 100-grain weight (77.17%), and number of branches plant-1 (68.63%). Low heritability was recorded for grains pod-1 (33.33%), pods plant-1 (29.67%), pod length (35.42), grain plant-1 (30.50%), and grain yield plant-1 (33.50%). Grain yield plant-1 revealed highly significant phenotypic correlation with pods plant-1 (0.65), grains plant-1 (0.61), and with 100-grain weight. Grain yield plant-1 showed significant genotypic correlation with pods plant-1 (0.71). and with days to pods formation (0.70). Based on present studies Ramzan and AEM-96 can be used for further breeding study regarding yield improvement.

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