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Genetic purity testing of cotton F1 hybrid DHH-11 and parents revealed by molecular markers


Ashok B. Dongre, Mamta P. Raut, Vishwajit M. Paikrao and Sunil S. Pande

Cotton F1 Hybrid DHH-11 and its parents CPD-420 (male) and CPD-423 (female) was analyzed for the development of markers, identification of Hybrids and ascertaining genetic purity in Gossypium hirsutum L. through PCR based Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSRs) DNA Markers. Twenty RAPD primers and nineteen ISSR primers were used for analysis. RAPD primer, OPA 7 was found to be heteroallelic for parents. OPA 7 identified male specific amplicons of about 350bp in the Hybrid DHH-11. The other repeats of different base pairs were homoallelic for both the parents. ISSR primer, IS 15 was found to be heteroallelic for parents. IS 15 identified a female-specific amplicon of about 1000bp in the Hybrid DHH-11. Comparison of the RAPD and ISSR banding pattern of the parents with respective hybrid clearly identified genuine hybrid. Thus RAPD and ISSR markers individually have their own merits in the identification of parents and their hybrids. However, a combination of two PCR based markers can be used for testing the genetic purity of cotton seeds which will be more reliable substitute for GOT and a tool for seed certification. This study suggested that efficiency of RAPD and ISSR assay was evaluated successfully for hybridity determination, which would be a valuable genomic tool for the cotton breeders.

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