Genders representation in focus: The case for a marketized E | 16838
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Genders representation in focus: The case for a marketized EFL syllabus


Massoud Yaghoubi-Notash and *Roghayyeh Nariman-Jahan

Gender as a pervasive variable offers great potential for research in ESL/EFL context and gender treatment and representation in syllabus as an institutional discourse intrigues researchers and practioners. In the present study, conversations in Interchange Series (third Edition) were examined. Specifically the areas of focus were: a) the ratio of cross-gender as opposed to same-gender conversations, b) conversation initiation, c) either of the genders’ turn length, and d) speech complexity of male and female characters in the conversations. The statistical analyses employed were Chi-square for a, and b, Mann-Whitney U-test for c, and Independent T-test for d, none of which turned out to be significant. Findings are discussed in the light of literature and implications are discussed.

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