Gastric diverticulum in a Nigerian: A case report | 18029
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Gastric diverticulum in a Nigerian: A case report


N. C. Nwankwo, MBBS, FWACS and C. O. Maduforo, MBBS, FMCR

Gastric diverticulae are not common. They are usually found incidentally while evaluating the upper gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) with oral contrast. Double contrast barium meal study is very useful in the diagnosis and computerized tomography (CT) and endoscopy are at times used for further assessment of this condition. To report the first case of gastric diverticulum seen by the authors after over twenty years of practice, emphasize the role of double contrast barium meal in GIT studies and high index of suspicion. A O a 45-year-old Nigerian male was referred to the Radiologist for barium meal studies due to history of epigastric pain. A small diverticulum was seen in the proximal part of the lesser curvature of the stomach. No gastric or duodenal ulcer was seen

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