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Fuzzy Control of AGV Based on Vision Based in Path Tracking


Jiangwei Chu, Hongliang Li, Pengfei Cui, Tiangang Qiang, Liu Ruijun

The development of techniques for lateral and longitudinal control of vehicles has become an important and active research topic in the face of emerging markets for advanced autonomous guided vehicle (AGV). Considering an AGV is nonholonomic dynamic system with inherent nonlinearity, unmodelled disturbance and unstructured unmodelled dynamics, fuzzy logic system based control is appropriate. This paper presents a microcontroller implementation of a fuzzy control algorithm applied to the developed AGV platform. The method utilizes fuzzy control theory to obtain the appropriate steer angle through posture errors consisted of position error orientation error by selecting optimal parameter of fuzzy logic controller. The kinematic model of differential-drive AGV is presented in order to simulate the robustness of the controller. The proposed schemes have been implemented in both simulation and experimentations with a real AGV platform, and the results provide satisfactory tracking performance for the vision-based navigation of AGV.

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