Furosemide terminates generalised seizure status epilepticus | 16725
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Furosemide terminates generalised seizure status epilepticus in a woman with inter-ictal focal seizures


S. E. Oriaifo, Nicholas Oriaifo, E. K. I. Omogbai, F. Enahoro

tatus Epilepticus is an additional and life-threatening burden for patients living with epilepsy and their families. Extra precautionary measures attend the use of present medications available to treat the disorder. In this report, a 55-year old woman who presented with recurrent generalised tonic-clonic seizures and loss of consciousness between seizures had her attacks abated with 40mg of intravenously-administered furosemide. Her vital signs remained unperturbed and she regained consciousness in less than 30 minutes of the furosemide administration indicating that there was no evolution to subtle status epilepticus; after which there was post-ictal sleep which lasted about two hours. Also in this report, the mechanism of action of furosemide responsible for its seizure-terminating effects is discussed. The use of furosemide with its therapeutic efficacy, low cost and safety profile may stand to be a welcome addition to the armamentarium available to deal with status epilepticus.

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