Focus on Thai learners of English: Their selfreports about f | 17548
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Focus on Thai learners of English: Their selfreports about foreign language learning


Bayatee Dueraman

Current research on English instruction in Thailand has pointed towards the need to create learnersensitive classroom environments. This study was carried out in order to understand the extent to which learner-centred embedded syllabus influenced Thai adult learners’ English language development, speaking ability in particular. Qualitative analysis of the data obtained from an open-ended questionnaire, interviews, observation, and students’ scores indicated that the students notably develop their speaking skills. Specifically, their feelings towards English changed to positive, they developed self-independence in learning, confidence to speak and courage to use the language in real life situations. The findings imply that the change in teaching approach from teacher-centred to learnercentred approach can impressively improve Thai students’ language performance.

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