Evaluation of the clinical and histopathological effect of Platelet rich plasma on chronic wound healing


Ayman Farahat

To evaluate the benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and its clinical and histopathological effect in chronic wound healing. The study included 20 patients with chronic wounds of different causes. The sample consisted of 13 males and 7 females with an average age of 22.1 yrs. The largest group wound diagnosis was deep burn ulcer of different causes (n =10) and 10 patients with chronic ulcer (venous and diabetic and post traumatic) (n =5and4and1 respectively).The patients were divided into two groups: Study group (n=10) in which PRP was used and control group (n=10). On day 7, ulcer size had reduced by an average 31.4 %( range from 15%-70%) in 8 of 10 patients of the study group compared to control group which reduced by 15.3 % (range from 10%-35%) in 6 of 10 patients. After 28 days, 2 wounds in study group had healed completely and 7 wounds had decreased in size to an average 55.5% (range from 30.6%-85%) of their original size. In control group, about 6 wounds decreased in size by an average of 21.5% (average from 7%-30%). Histopathologically, there was evidence of faster tissue regeneration and epithelialization in study group compared to control group. The use of autologous PRP should be reserved for treatment of recalcitrant wounds where there is a lack of improvement despite treatment of underlying causes and good local wound care.

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