Evaluation of Self-Potential Anomalies over Sulphide Ore Dep | 16733
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Evaluation of Self-Potential Anomalies over Sulphide Ore Deposits at Ishiagu, Ebonyi State, Southeastern Nigeria


Austin C. Okonkwo*, Pius O. Okeke and Alexander I. Opara

An Evaluation of Self-Potential anomaly over sulphide ore deposits has been undertaken at Ishiagu, Ebonyi State, Southeastern Nigeria. The Project site is about 5sqkm, underlain by two main geologic units. The Abakaliki Shale and the Ezeaku Formation. The potential gradient array technique of Self- Potential method was employed. Data was interpreted using surfer 8 computer software and Ms Excel tool Kits. Iso-contour maps of Self Potential and profile plots for anomaly variations were constructed. Results show positive Self-Potential closures, with corresponding peaks in the profile plots which are indicative of sulphide ore deposits. Trend orientations of anomaly peaks occur roughly NW – SE and NE – SW in a cross – cutting stress pattern.

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