Ethnomedicinal Plants Used for Respiratory Disorders in Udha | 102247
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Ethnomedicinal Plants Used for Respiratory Disorders in Udhampur District


Tarun Thakur*

The present enumerated data was directly collected by traditional tribal healers of the Udhampur district, Jammu and Kashmir with the aim to identify the ethnic usage of plants used for respiratory disorders During the survey many local, professional, herbalist, occasional practitioners, traditional healers were brought into confidence to share their ethnic knowledge of their pedigree. After selecting the people discussion was made with the informants in their local language for their ease and were interviewed with a questionnaire The usage of different plant parts and their different processes before taken as medicine were recorded. 22 plant species belonging to 14 families were collected and identification was done by their local and scientific names. The Mimosaceae, Caesalpinaceae, Solanaceae were the most represented family with three species each, followed by Menispermaceae, Asteraceae with two species each. All the remaining 9 families were represented by one species each. The plant part most commonly used to take care of respiratory diseases in the study was reported as leaf followed by whole plant, root, stem, fruit followed by bark and flower. Moreover various other plant parts together with gum and latex were bring into being in use in a variety of formulations for respiratory diseases treatment.

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