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Equipping ICT skills to graduate trainee teachers whilst at tertiary institutions impacts the quality of national manpower development �?¢�?�?��?�?? case study for University of Namibia


Rehabeam K. Auala and Jameson Mbale

The current wave of technological trends made ICT a necessity and cross-cutting in all walks-of-life. In view of that, it was a matter of fact that all old and newly graduated employees such as medical doctors, nurses, pilots, engineers, accountants, actuarial, teachers, media, business men, etc., required basic ICT skills for them to fit in with the current and future technological trends. It was also a reality that these employees passed through a teacher especially at initial educational levels such as primary and secondary schools. Hence, producing a qualified teacher with at least ICT knowledge added value and a significant contribution to societal manpower development. It was against this background that the University of Namibia (UNAM) had intensified the integration of ICTs in the curriculum especially in Faculty of Education which trained teachers who would be deployed to teach at primary and secondary schools country wide. As this would have an impact on the teachers’ approach to utilisation of ICT facilities to deliver their respective lessons. In this way, the graduated trainee teachers would be able to cope with this dynamic ICT technological trend which swept across the world.

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