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Enhancing Educational Insights and Management through Visualization of Big Data: A Case Study of Education Information Platform


Komal Madhavan*

In the current research fields of educational information science and educational management, big data visualization in education plays an essential role in comprehending and uncovering complex educational laws. The application of big data in education is currently the subject of intensive research in the context of China's recent curriculum reform. Big data technology is a collection of high-tech information technologies that are widely used in education to encourage intelligent campus construction. In view of this, the specialist searched through the important writing and observed that there is still a lot of opportunity to get better in the ebb and flow research on the representation of schooling enormous information, particularly the examination on the plan of training informatization stages in light of the perception of schooling large information. This study begins by providing a synopsis of the current and practical applications of educational visualization research. It concludes that the large amounts of educational data generated throughout the educational process are crucial to students, teachers, and educational administrators. A method that is optimized for students, teachers, and teaching administrators is the visualization of huge amounts of educational data. As a result, this paper designs the framework design process, platform selection, introduction of related technologies, platform implementation, functional analysis of the big data-visualized educational information platform, and system testing. According to the findings of a survey that was conducted with 250 customers, 92.4 percent of respondents were satisfied with the platform's educational information visualization using big data, 95.6 percent were satisfied with the individual function, 93.2 percent were satisfied with the system's ease of use, and 93.6 percent were satisfied with system compatibility

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