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English language teachers' choice of second language teaching and learning theories in Eldoret municipality, Kenya


Laban Adero Mak'obila1 and *Paul Onsare Onchera

This paper discusses secondary school teachers' interpretation, choice and use of second language theories and approaches in the teaching of English. The main purpose of the study was to determine how teachers situated their teaching on both conventional and personal theories. This was achieved through the study objectives which were to evaluate the factors which influenced teachers' choice of theories and approaches to teaching and evaluating the theories and approaches commonly applied in teaching English. Data was obtained from 30 teachers of English in 10 selected secondary schools within Eldoret Municipality which at the time of the study had 22 secondary schools. This study employed a descriptive survey design. Data was collected by use of structured interview with selected teachers, tape-recording and observation of teachers in classes, and structured questionnaires. The study concluded that several factors including teacher personality and training and the caliber of learners influenced teachers' choice of the various theoretical approaches that were used.

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