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Engineering science and philosophy


Zekâi Sen

Engineering services and structures are among the cornerstones in any civilization growth and development for the social harmony of the society. In the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of these structures, engineers had innovative practical and creative artistic abilities in the past, but systematic education and training programs led them to get away from such abilities with more emphasis on the analytical and numerical ability improvements with deductive inferences leading to standard solutions. Although analytical intelligence and ability are indispensible gradients in mass production, their crisp and hard rule applications do not provide creative bases in engineering career. It is the main theme of this paper to emphasize the significance of science philosophy entrance into the engineering education and training. Without such a basis engineers expect case study solutions and ready software or formulation matching in their problem solving stages and hence creative abilities are not cared for future improvements and advancements. Philosophy of science provides dynamism into the creative intelligence of engineers.

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