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Employability of Business Education Graduates


Imeokparia P.O and Ediagbonya Kennedy

0This paper investigated the concept of employability of Business Education graduates. Human Capital Theory which was popularized by Schultz formed the theoretical framework for this study. The main purpose of this work was to ascertain the mean ratings of employability skills possessed by Business Education graduates. Four research questions were raised to guide the study and three hypotheses were formulated. The case study research design was adopted for this study. The systematic random sampling technique was used in selecting 60 respondents from the population of 130. The questionnaire titled ‘Employability of Business Education Graduates Questionnaire (EBEGQ)’ was used in eliciting information from the students. The researcher together with a research assistant administered the instrument. The Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS), Mean, Standard Deviation, t-test analysis and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were used in analyzing the data. One of the findings is that Business Education graduates employability skills is high. A major recommendation made was that shorthand and typing teachers should be encouraged to be more active in imparting these skills.

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