Effect of hydrogen sulfide concentration in circulated amine | 18240
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Effect of hydrogen sulfide concentration in circulated amine solution on the treated gas in gas treatment plant


Hogr Pirdawood

The concentration of dissolved hydrogen sulfide in circulated amine is necessary to be determined and calculated that useful to make a relationship with hydrogen sulfide in the treated gas after passing through the sweetening process in order to help to control the regeneration process when the research is containing the control system to improve the amine absorption capacity, regeneration efficiency and the concentration of H2S in treated gas for maintaining it under the specification value , Measurement of H2S in treated gas by GC-PFPD Shimadzu-2014 and determination of H2S loading by iodimetric titration in lean amine solution, the relationship between variables were satisfactory, means there is a directly proportional relationship between H2S in both Lean amine and Treated Gas according to increasing and decreasing.

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