Editorial note for Agriculture and Human Society| Abstract


International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science

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Editorial note for Agriculture and Human Society


Prathyusha Karengula

Human use and management of soil and water resources have formed the event, persistence, decline, and regeneration of human civilizations that square measure sustained by agriculture (Harlan 1992, Hillel 1992). Soil and water square measure essential natural resources for our domesticated animal- and plant-based food production systems. though of elementary importance these days, agriculture could be a comparatively recent human innovation that unfold quickly across the world solely 10,000 to 12,000 years past (Diamond 1999, Montgomery 2007, worth & Gebauer 1995, Smith 1995), throughout the Agricultural Revolution. This short, however extremely important amount of your time, represents but zero.3 you look after the quite four million years of human evolution as two-footed hominids and ultimately man. In agriculturally-based societies throughout the last 10 millennia, humans have developed complicated, urban civilizations that have cycled through periods of accelerating complexness, amazing intellectual accomplishment, persistence for millennia, and, in some instances, puzzling decline (Trigger 2003).

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