Dosimetric evaluation due to radiation in thyroid issued by Tc99m and I131


Vásquez AM, Castillo DC, Vasquez DJ, Rocha MD, García RW

The absorbed dose in the thyroid uptake studies is estimated, by analysis of the biokinetics of radiopharmaceuticals containing the I-131 (iodide) or Tc- 99m (pertechnetate) Using the MIRD formalism and Cristy-Eckerman representation for adult thyroid patients, demonstrated that the dose absorbed by the gland due to emissions of I-131(iodide) is self - dose and is given by 340.9 mGy / MBq ; dosimetric contribution of organs that are part of its bio kinetics (excluding thyroid) is not significant in the estimated dose.The absorbed dose to the gland due to emissions of Tc-99mTc (pertechnetate) is 0.0234 mGy / MBq; 7.6% are organ dosimetry contributions that are part of its biokinetics (excluding thyroid), and is very significant in the estimated doses to be ignored

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