Development of a gas exclusion technique to sterile procedur | 17967
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Development of a gas exclusion technique to sterile procedures in non-sterile environment with application to the biopsy of cartilage


Massoumeh S., Salehi Dashtbayaz and Z. Emami

Nowadays, the most promising form of treatment for patients with advanced forms of articular cartilage degeneration, under active development is the Tissue Engineering solution. The extraction of the required samples for effective TE research is c omplicated by the absolute need for sterility durin g the biopsy procedure. But there are situations in w hich such a biosafety hood is not able to accommodate the required operation, particularly in the case of large subject matter which will not fi t within the hood without disturbing laminar hood flo w, also in the case where large pieces of equipment such as powered tools are required. So the necessit y of a simple and easily accessible method has been felt.

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