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Determining model for maximum blood request (MSBOS) for surgery: An elective surgery in Imam Ali Hospital, Zahedan, Iran


Seyed Hosein Soleimanzadeh Mousavi

Introduction: Blood is a blend of the beauty and the wonders that god has attached to the great life of man and this vital resource is transmitted to the power of mankind. Nowadays, excessive blood intake is one of the most common problems in educational hospitals, which this it raises issues such as the lack of proper distribution of blood products among centres, rising costs, and increasing the volume of blood bank work. With this in mind, programs have been proposed called the maximum surgical blood ordering schedule (MSBOS), in which, based on reports from each hospital about the amount of blood used in various surgeries, a special guide for each center is being prepared. Method: This study was a descriptive cross-sectional study. The sampling method was designed in a form that was designed (attached) and, with the coordination of hospital management, this form was distributed among all parts of the hospital, and each section, according to the blood demand and cross-wrist and blood cross-section statistics, determine the wasted and unused blood bag and register it in the appropriate form. This study was performed on 1568 people, of which 562 (35/84%) were blood transfusions. Findings: The aim of this study was to determine the pattern for maximal request for surgical surgeries (MSBOS) in elective surgery (elective) in Imam Ali Hospital, Zahedan. This study was performed on 1568 people, of which 562 (35/84%) were under blood transfusion. The mean C/T ratio was 1.61 � 0.99, the mean TI was 0.61 � 0.38 and the mean T index was 36.4 � 30.16%. Conclusion: In general, only 55% of the blood is used. The most non-use was in hernia surgery, thyroidectomy, and patients with renal problems. Therefore, according to the results, it is suggested that all patients need to receive blood, indications of blood donation should be done properly by the medical staff and if blood pressure is indicated, blood is requested.

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