Comparison of the latency time of selective serotonin reupta | 18070
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Comparison of the latency time of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin-noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors.


Hemlata Charitar

Identification of the timing of the onset of antidepressant action has been a well-debated matter. Theoretically, all antidepressants have been known to have a therapeutic latency of two to three weeks. Objective of the study is to determine the therapeutic latency of different antidepressants. 159 patients from the Psychiatry Department, Oradea were taken in the study. The Hamilton-17 Depression scale (HAMD-17) and the Montgomery-Asberg Depression (MADRS) were used .The time taken for the first symptom to disappear on either of the depression scales was described as the latency time. The latency time was found to be 6.62+/- 0.91days in the general lot and was found to be influenced by several factors. Antidepressants have a therapeutic latency of less than 2 weeks. Paroxetine was found to have the smallest latency time while sertraline had the longest latency time.

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