Cinnamon and turmeric ��? its effect on hyperlipidemic di | 16802
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Cinnamon and turmeric ��? its effect on hyperlipidemic diabetics


Balasasirekha R and Lakshmi U K

To analyze the nutritive value and active principles of cinnamon and turmeric, prepare respective spice capsules and to supplement the diets of hyperlipidemic diabetic adults with the spice capsules for a period of three months. A group of 45 mild to moderate hyperlipidemic diabetics were selected for the supplementation study and were divided into three groups (15 each), two supplementation groups and one control group. To one group, cinnamon and to the other turmeric, both in the form of capsules were supplemented. Clinical examination and biochemical parameters were evaluated before and after supplementation. Most of the clinical symptoms experienced by the cinnamon supplemented group disappeared whereas only few symptoms disappeared in turmeric supplemented group. Cinnamon supplemented group of hyperlipidemic diabetics showed a maximum reduction in lipid and blood sugar levels which were significant at one per cent level. No change was observed in the turmeric supplemented and control group. A positive trend in the control of lipid profile and blood sugar levels was evident in cinnamon supplemented group and longer periods of dietary supplementation of spices could help to maintain the lipid and blood sugar levels.

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