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Cardio-metabolic syndrome; therapeutic considerations


Maxwell M. Nwegbu

The cardio-metabolic syndrome is a clinical condition characterized by increased susceptibility to cardiovascular events and consequent morbidity and mortality. Epidemiological surveys show an increasing prevalence of this condition principally driven by unhealthy lifestyles manifesting as obesity. Various pathophysiologic mechanisms have been proposed as the underlying basis of this syndrome. In view of the clustering of factors in this clinical entity, acceptable monolithic diagnostic criteria have been difficult to generate. Despite the lack of agreement between various authorities on the diagnostic template, the need for effective and timely management is widely subscribed to. However treatment guidelines are not simple because of the interplay between the composite risk factors. Most authorities however agree to a multi-pronged approach to the treatment of cardio-metabolic syndrome targeting any prevalent and identifiable risk factors. These treatment modalities involve both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic therapies targeting the molecular basis of the disorder.

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