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Biomedical Engineering in Health Disparities


Department of Biomedical Engineering*

Health Disparities (HD) are community-predicated, biomedical challenges in desideratum of innovative contributions from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Surprisingly, STEM professionals demonstrate a sedulous lack of HD cognizance and/or engagement in both research and inculcative activities. This project introduced Health Disparities (HD) as technical challenges to incoming undergraduates in order to ascend engineering vigilance of HD. The objective was to advance STEM-predicated, HD literacy and outreach to puerile cohorts of engineers. Engineering students were introduced to HD challenges in technical and societal contexts as a component of Engineering 101 courses. Findings demonstrate that student comprehension of HD challenges incremented via joint study of ascending health care costs, engineering ethics and magnification of biomedical-cognate engineering areas.

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