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Analysis of patients�?? satisfaction undergoing breast augmentation using BREAST-Q


Muhammad Ahmad


To document the patient’s evaluation after breast augmentation using BREAST-Q

Materials and Methods:

The study was conducted in a private cosmetic surgery setup in female patients undergoing breast augmentation silicone-implant surgery or fat transfer. All the surgeries were performed by the single surgeon under general anaesthesia. Three parameters of BREAST-Q were noted preoperatively and after 9 months. All the data was analyzed statistically.


The mean age of the patients was 28.6 years. The average implant volume was 331 ml (range, 250 – 455 ml). The patients undergoing fat transfer had an average of 391.7 ml (range, 295 – 450 ml) injected in each side. There was a statistically significant difference noted in the scores pre and post-operatively.


The use of validated survey instruments plays an important role in improving the patient-reported outcomes. Breast augmentation with fat transfer was shown to have higher patient satisfaction using BREAST-Q.


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