An Overview of production of biofuels from Algae: Potential | 101768
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An Overview of production of biofuels from Algae: Potential and Challenges


Abhishek Maurya*

The rapid growth in the world's population and the rising demands for energy source are causing a rapid and ongoing depletion of the fossil fuel sources. Since the use of fossil fuels can cause various ecological imbalance, air pollution, and global warming, as well as health hazards, it is important to use them responsibly. The present goal of this study may help to fulfill the future needs of the world. Both macro Algae and micro Algae have enormous potential for a variety of industrial uses. We go into detail about the factors influencing Algae growth, such as pH, temperature, light source, and nutrient availability. The advantages that these new generation biofuels offer are also explored. The creation of Algae-based biofuel would transform not only how environmental pollution is controlled but also how producers advance economically and socially.

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