Age estimation and dental maturity for Sudanese children usi | 17852
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Age estimation and dental maturity for Sudanese children using Demirjian�?¢�?�?��?�?�s system


Ahmed O Rizig, Fadel Elamin, Zeidan A Zeidan, Khaled Kasim, Zakaria Mohamed

The aim of this cross sectional study was to compar e the accuracy of Demirjian method to estimate the age of Darforian ethnic group children in Sudan. Th e study included 1153 Darforian children (353 girls and 800 boys). An orthopantamogram (OPG), the date of the OPG, date of birth and sex of each studied children were recorded. In accordance with the rule s of Demirjian method, the seven left mandibular teeth 1-7 was assessed. Each stage of the teeth dev elopment was given a score and dental maturity scores were calculated using the standard tables fo r males and females from Demirjian. Chronological age was calculated and ages were estimated on year basis. Appropriate statistical analyses were done. Demirjian System underestimated the mean age of the studied children by 0.70 years in male and 1.42 years in female. Statistically significant, the obs erved underestimation was manifested in the age groups of 10-11 years in male and 9-10 years in fem ale. The study results demonstrated an underestimation of the mean age of the studied Darf orian children using Demirjian method, and suggesting the need of new standards for that popul ation. Also, factors that might affect these findin gs should be investigated in future studies.

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