A review on drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier | 97509
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A review on drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier


Gopal Kurawattimath*

Malignant brain tumors, particularly high-grade glioma (HGG) and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), indicate a gloomy future despite significant progress in standard treatment and ancillary therapies like concurrent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. The challenges of delivering drugs across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and intrinsic factors associated with the protection of the GBM microenvironment are the primary barriers to effective GBM treatment. Nanomedicine's recent advancements have shown promise for overcoming some of these obstacles. The benefits and drawbacks of using nanoparticle (NP) drug delivery systems to boost the efficacy of targeted drug delivery for treating HGG are examined in this review. Late advances in nanomedicine-based drug conveyance systems that emphasis on immediate and double focusing on drug conveyances for beating the difficulties related with dangerous glioma are talked about. At long last, clinical interpretation of medication conveyance techniques, unsettled concerns, and prospects for future advancement to work with the compelling treatment of harmful glioma are introduced.

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