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A Pilot Program to Trial The Innovative Use of The Evidenced Based Smart Incontinence Management (SIM) System for Continence Assessment and Management in a Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Setting.


Jennifer Kohlhardt

1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men are incontinent. 30% to 65% of all patients in rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, head injuries, orthopaedic units and spinal units are incontinent.
The cost of urinary incontinence for aged care facilities in Australia is $1.1 billion with a further $112 million for continence products (Yu et al, 2014) The SIM™ sensor pad is a single use disposable device that connects to a durable transceiver (SIM™ pod) that records and wirelessly transmits incontinence data to a server for storage and processing.
The data collected is then synchronised with incontinence related observations recorded by staff via a SIM™ assist application displayed on a device collects data over a 72-hour period, accurately profiles the physiological bladder/bowel pattern of a patient’s incontinence. This data assists the clinician in identifying an accurate toileting program, improving continence product selection and pad change times to develop an evidence-based continence plan.

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