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A model of energy limitation and population structuring to estimate phototrophic growth of industrially significant Halobacterium salinarum strains


Klykov, S.P.,Skladnev, A.D.,Kurakov, V.V.

Dynamics of energy consumption during the growth of photosynthetic Halobacterium salinarum in populations of various age structures has been studied. Changes in the biosynthesis of bacteriorhodopsin, a key retinal containing protein of H.salinarum photosystem, were revealed. For several industrially significant strains, exponential accumulation of nonproliferating halobacterium cells, whose growth is limited by different modes of light exposure, was calculated. Various effects of proliferating and nonproliferating cells on bacteriorhodopsin biosynthesis rate were shown. Necessity to prevent influences of other growth limiting factors, except for energy consumption, during halobacterium cultivation was proved using cell population structuring model.

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