A critical analysis on waste and environmental education: a | 17446
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A critical analysis on waste and environmental education: a case study


Carla Cândida de Siqueira Santos1, Rafael da Silva2, Elânia Maria Marques Bergamaschi3, Paulo Roberto Bergamaschi4, Alessandro Camilo Neres1,2, Vanessa Oliveira Leitão5, Hisao Nishijo6, Tales Alexandre Aversi-Ferreira6

This paper presents results of a survey on perceptions of the population of the Jundiaí neighborhood, Anapolis-Goiás-Brazil, on issues related to consumerism, waste production and critical environmental education. The study aims to reflect on the importance and relevance of a population to realize the necessity of being critical in relation to the production of solid waste. This qualitative research made use of questionnaires to survey the perception of residents, with a view to devise and propose targets for both waste reduction and its destination. The results indicate that the population studied lacks of information and environmental education practices.

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