International Research Journal of Musicology and Drama


Improvisation in the theatre for development process

Dr. Ubong Ndah

Department of Theatre Arts, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria


Received January 17, 2013; Accepted January 24, 2013


Improvisation in dramatic creation, is as old as drama itself. It involves a performer creating his lines and actions, in accordance with his/her understanding of the assigned role in a play production.  Apart from being a highly-employed medium of role realization in child drama, it is mostly also used in the applied theatre production processes. The dependence is on an actor’s artistic acumen and his ability to play a role convincingly. This paper explores the workings of improvisation, especially in the applied theatre process, with a view to proffering suitable methods of utilizing it to gain utmost efficiency

Keywords: Improvisation, performance, theatre, acting, theatre for development.


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