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Self-assessment and the impact on language skills

Jila Naeini

Department of English, Aliabad Katoul Branch, Islamic Azad, University, Aliabad Katoul, Iran.

Email:; Tel.: 0098 173 622 4500

Received 26 February, 2011; Accepted 22 June, 2011


Alternative assessment is a new assessment culture that values processes of learning and the unique performance of individual. Self assessment, as an alternative assessment process, encourages learners to take greater responsibility for their own learning. To this aim, the researchers selected a total of 121 out of 150 EFL (English as a Foreign Language) university students who had been given a language proficiency test. The researcher divided the subjects randomly into two groups of experimental and control. The instrument of this experimental research included writing and speaking pretests and posttests as wells as the Jacob’s writing scoring scale profile and Weir (1990)’s Criteria for Oral Test. The results indicated the significant improvement in the learners’ writing ability applying the writing self-assessment check list in experimental group. In addition, the results of descriptive statistics conducting the series of independent T-Tests, Two-way ANOWA, and correlational analyses indicated the significant effects of treatment and outperformance of experimental group in all components of writing and speaking posttests. Therefore, it can be concluded that self assessment acted as a booster for language skills.


Keywords: Assessment, alternative assessment, self-assessment

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