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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 1(10), pp. 556-560 December 2010         
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Maximizing students’ potential: Some tips and hints

Norman, A.S

Tumaini University, Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, P.O. BOX 200 Iringa, Tanzania.


Received 22 November, 2010; Accepted 04 December, 2010



Achieving success in studies is important. However, there have been no clear strategies that inspire the students and or lecturers on how best could the studies be carried for the purpose of attaining maximum performance. This paper therefore, expounds some strategies that need to be observed by the students on the one hand and the lecturers on the other. The article further narrates the barriers to achieving success at school or college and suggests some measures that could be observed for the purpose of managing performance optimally. The article concludes that most students are capable of doing more than what they have done, and that managing time while studying is the key towards achieving success. The paper appeals to lecturers to also manage time and that the failure of students should not be linked to the performance of lecturers. It further argues that the pertinence of any program is pegged on the timely accomplishment of the same.


Keywords: Education, college, school, potential, maximize.

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