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Victor Moore

Department of Chemical and process Engineering Sales Engineer, Metrohm, Malaysia, Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia


  • Commentary   
    Ion chromatography is used to identify common cations and ammonium in water samples
    Author(s): Victor Moore*

    In this work, common cations were identified using IC techniques. In order to validate the precision and accuracy of this approach, the best values of the instrumental parameters were found for the relative standard deviation (RSD), correlation coefficient (r2), method detection limits (MDLs), and other parameters. When evaluating the IC signals, peak height (PH) and peak area (PA) were also employed. Ultra-pure water was used to create all standards and samples. In general, the cation peaks were distinct, had acceptable resolution, and showed no interactivity. We calculated that the overall analysis time for cations was around 15.5 minutes... View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/irjob.2022.14

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