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Tehreem Ansari

MPTH, MVPS College of Physiotherapy, Nashik, India


  • Short Communication   

    Author(s): Tehreem Ansari*

    Introduction: Coccydynia is a term that refers to a painful condition in and around the coccyx.It mainly affects females prevalence being five times greater in women than in men. Approximately 14% of coccydynia occurs due to delivery trauma. Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is mainly used to treat the musculoskeletal disorders. The effect of MET in gynecological disorders is not clear yet. Objective: The purpose of this study was to to compare the effectiveness of MET along with phonophoresis and only phonophoresis in reducing pain and improving functional activity in subjects suffering from postpartum coccydynia Participants and method: Forty-six multi-parous womens, suffering from coccydynia after 6 weeks postpartum participated in this study. Their ages ranged from (24-35) years, parity (3-5) and their body mass index did not exceed 35 Kg/m2.. View More»

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