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S.M. Samudra

Departemnt of Botany, K.G. Kataria College Daund, Pune, Maharashtra, India


  • Research Article   
    Some unique herbal remedies against arthritis and rheumatism in daund region pune district (m.s.) india
    Author(s): S.M. Samudra*

    An extensive field surveys were arranged in Daund taluka to document the ethno-medicinal information regarding the use of wild and endemic ethno-flora against arthritis and rheumatism. The information presented here, is being collected from the local inhabitants through verbal interviews by an informal way during the period from pre-monsoon of 2018 to the post-monsoon of 2020. The paper focuses on the ethno-medicinal uses of 20 plant species belonging to 17 families used for curing arthritis ad rheumatism among the local inhabitants in their routine life... View More»

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