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Department of Botany, DAV College, Punjab, India


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    Abnormal Chromosomal Behavior in a New Diploid Cytotype of Spigelia anthelmia L. (Loganiaceae) from Aravalli Mountain Range of Rajasthan
    Author(s): Ramanpreet*

    Spigelia anthelmia L. is cytologically worked for the time for the area of India. The diploid chromosome count ascertained here, represents new cytotype, supplementing the earlier report of a hexaploid cytotype with 2n=32 from outside India. Of the four populations presently worked out here, population collected from Mount Abu and Jhalawar region show normal meiotic course (n=8) with normal seed set and high pollen fertility (65%-100%), whereas populations collected from Ranakpur and Udaipur region shows abnormal meiotic course with the presence of cytomixis, laggards and chromatin bridges. Further, microsporogenesis was also abnormal, resulting in the formation of monads, dyads, triads, polyads, and tetrads with micronuclei. All these abnormalities lead to low pollen fertility (45%- 60%) and heterogeneous sized pollen formation was also observed... View More»
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