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P Maurice

Germany Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Short Communication   

    Author(s): P Maurice*

    Remodeling of elastin during pathophysiological vascular aging leads to the production of elastin-derived peptides (EDP), also known as elastokines. These peptides trigger biological effects through the elastin receptor complex (ERC). Data from the last decade have brought significant insights on the critical role played by its catalytic subunit, Neuraminidase-1 (NEU1), in the biological effects mediated by EDP in vascular and metabolic diseases. We recently developed a proteomic approach dedicated to the purification and identification of membrane NEU1- associated protein complexes in human macrophages and identified several promising candidates (Kawecki et al, CMLS. 2019). Here, we validated and characterized two novel interactions with NEU1 in human monocytes and endothelial cells involving the ?2 integrin and ICAM-1, respectively. We show that binding of EDP to the ERC.. View More»

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