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Monika Kawra

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, H.N.B.G.U Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India


  • Review   
    Aegle marmelos: A medicinal wild aromatic tree
    Author(s): Monika Kawra*, Sakshi, Sarla Saklani and Subhash Chandra

    Plant as sources of medicinal compounds has continued to play a major role in the maintenance of human health since ancient times. Uttarakhand state is famous for its rich medicinal plants resources. Every aromatic plant has a medicinal value but not every medicinal plant is aromatic. Aegle marmelos is one of the most important medicinal plants of India. Despite of the sacred tree A. marmelos has numerous therapeutic properties. From traditional to modern use this medicinal tree owes its own space in medicinal system. Diabetes, liver toxicity, fungal infection, microbial infection, inflammation, pyrexia and to relieve pain are some of the uses of different parts of the magical tree. The present article aims at reviewing the most remarkable reports on pharmacology, phytochemistry and biological activities of Aegle marmelos... View More»
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