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Moges Demes

Department of Medical Biotechnology, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Gondar, Ethiopia


  • Review Article   
    Review on therapeutic potential of nutraceuticals in human health
    Author(s): Moges Demes*

    Nutraceutical is combining the word "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical." Nutraceuticals are substances that are either foods or parts of foods that have a significant health benefit. Nutraceuticals and nutritional therapy (i.e., nutraceuticals as a complementary therapy that is not only a source of nutrients and energy but may also give therapeutic advantages) have gained in popularity in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Nutraceuticals are produced/developed through both modern and traditional biotechnology methods. Traditional/conventional nutraceuticals contain chemical ingredients (nutrients, herbs, and phytochemicals), probiotic microorganisms, and nutraceutical enzymes, and non-traditional nutraceuticals include (recombinant and fortified nutraceuticals), chemical nature, and mode of action. The nutraceutical revolution .. View More»

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