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Makweti Lutangu

IPB University, Bogor, Ghana


  • Editorial   
    General Methods of Teaching Music in the Primary School
    Author(s): Makweti Lutangu*

    Pupils learn music through several and other ways. Varied strategies, approaches and techniques of teaching area unit represented within the literature. Teaching music is associate degree art associate degree activity that needs academics to use a mix or an integration of a number of these strategies and techniques to supply effective learning experiences to pupils. The aim of this text is to gift overviews of some general approaches and techniques of teaching music supported the artist theory of teaching within the grammar school. It’ll cowl the lecture, demonstration and modelling, discovery, video showing, field trip, role-play, project, questioning technique, assignment, and also the discovery strategies of teaching. The paper also will highlight factors that verify the choice of pedagogy for a specific lesson and eventually, stages in teaching... View More»

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