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Makweti Lutangu

IPB University, Bogor, Ghana


  • Editorial   
    Gender primarily based Violence among Married Persons in Awka city from a Globalizing Context: A Comparative Study of psychological state and Loneliness
    Author(s): Makweti Lutangu*

    Aim: The study thought of if psychological state and loneliness would have comparativeness on gender based mostly violence in globalizing context in Awka city. Methods: 149 married persons function participants. Systematic sampling technique was used for participants’ choice. They comprised of seventy one male and seventy eight feminine. Their age ranged from 23-53 years with mean age of 37.66 and variance of 7.76. Conflict ways Scales, Short Warwick–Edinburgh Mental WellBeing Scale and UCLA Loneliness Scale were used for information generation. 2×2 Factorial style and Two-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) datum were accustomed analyse the information. Results: The first hypothesis that declared that those with positive mental state won't take issue considerably from those with negative mental sta.. View More»

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