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James Alexander

Depart of art and social science Afghanistan, Afghanistan


  • Commentary   
    The Set of Experiences, Science, and Craft of Wine and the Case for Medical Advantages: Points of View of an Oenophilic Cardiovascular Pathologist
    Author(s): James Alexander*

    This article comes from the convergence of the writer's well established interests in science, medication, pathology and oenology. A conversation is given of chosen parts of the study of viticulture and wine creation as well as characteristics of the completed item made by the craft of the wine producer. The case for medical advantages of moderate utilization of wine and other cocktails likewise is examined. In view of the "French oddity," an examination is introduced of the proof for the enhancements of red wine utilization, especially as a component of the Mediterranean eating routine and way of life. A finishing up viewpoint is given on the side of wine as an advertiser of politeness and social commitment... View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2276-6502.2022.68

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