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Dr. Arun Kumar

Department of Agriculture, Kakateeya University, India


  • Mini Review   
    Evaluate how brine exposure affects the pathogen defences and regulatory elements
    Author(s): Dr. Arun Kumar*

    Soil salinity is an increasingly serious problem worldwide, severely limiting plant growth and yield, and posing a major challenge to plant breeding. The basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor is the most conserved transcription factor and a key regulator controlling various plant response processes to external stimuli. Highly conserved DNA-binding alkaline regions and diverse leucine zippers, one of the largest families of plant transcription factors. Plant bZIP is involved in many biological processes, such as flower development, seed maturation, dormancy, and senescence, and is involved in salinity, drought, cold, osmotic stress, mechanical injury, and ABA signaling responses. Involved. It plays an important role in human abiotic stress. In this review article, we summarize and describe the structural and functional characteristics of the bZIP tr.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0044.2023.18

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