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Chris Mark

Department of Epidemiology, University Gustav, Denmark


  • Mini Review   
    Microbial analysis by electrochemical assays
    Author(s): Chris Mark*

    Bacterial sensors are irreplaceable in natural observing, examination of food and drink wellbeing, anticipation and treatment of pathogenic contaminations, anti-infection obstruction screening, in combatting bio corrosion, and in biodefense. The Human Micro biome Project's most recent discoveries revealed the crucial role that bacteria play in human health, disease diagnosis, and treatment; additionally, they brought to light brand-new analytical tools for bacterial analysis. In this section, I go over a few fundamental ideas that underpin the electrochemical biosensors for bacteria: metabolic sensors, biosensors for DNA and RNA extricated from bacterial cells, and entire bacterial cell sensors, and their commitment to essentially look for answers for bacterial examination. Perspectives and current analytical issues are discussed.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2141-5463.2023.50

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