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Alexandra Weinmann

Department of Finance, University of Linz, Austria


  • Short Communication   
    Business management in the digital age: How technology is changing the game
    Author(s): Alexandra Weinmann*

    Engagement forecasts positive education outcomes such as learning and skills development. Business simulation games are linked to skills development, and the flipped classroom is acknowledged as a successful approach for encouraging student-centered learning through engagement. This study investigated the impact of BSGs in a flipped classroom on student engagement, learning achievement, and higher-order thinking skills. A quasi-experimental design was employed in an undergraduate entrepreneurship course. The sample consisted of 48 students in a business university. The flipped classroom was designed for both the control and experimental groups, but the instructional material was implemented using a BSG with the experimental group. The results of quantitative and qualitative analyses indicated that the use of the BSG had positive impacts on behavioural engagement, cognitive engagement,.. View More»
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