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Why Patients with Knee Pain Still Have Symptoms Despite The Use Of Anti-Inflammatory Medications


Huang Wei Ling

Statement of the Problem: According to Western Medicine, chronic knee pain can have different causes. The problem is usually associated with sprained ligaments, meniscus tears, tendinitis, and runner's knee. The usual treatment is done with ice, stretching exercises and anti-inflammatory medications. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the knee pain is associated with invasion of External Wind, Cold, Damp and Heat, deficiency of Liver and Kidney, or deficiency of Qi and Blood. Purpose: Demonstrate that by using anti-inflammatory for the treatment of knee pain, we will be causing a greater injury in Kidney and Liver energy, according to TCM, which are responsible for the integrity of the knee. Therefore, the use of these medications will worsen the energy imbalance, maintaining the pain condition. Methods: The description of two case reports of 65 and 70-year-old patients with chronic knee pain, who were using anti-inflammatory drugs for long periods without any significant improvement, only side effects such as epigastric pain and drug intolerance. They sought acupuncture in an attempt to control their pain without having to use such medications. Results: There was a significant improvement in pain symptoms when using acupuncture, dietary counseling and general guidelines on external pathogenic factors such as Wind, Cold, Humidity, and so on. We noticed that when the patient underwent treatment to restore the energy of the chakras corresponding in TCM to the Five Elements, the pain that the patient presented disappeared completely. Conclusion: In order to adequately treat patients with knee pain, we should understand more deeply the significance of this symptom at the energy level by treating the organs that command the knee such as Liver and Kidney according to TCM. The treatment of energy replacement of the internal organs through crystals-based drugs has proved to be very important for the consolidation of the treatment.

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