Waste disposal and management issues in Kintampo North distr | 17996
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Waste disposal and management issues in Kintampo North district of Ghana


Okechukwu O.I, Okechukwu A.A., Noye-Nortey H and Owusu-Agyei

Uncontrolled waste disposal and its poor management has been a monster that has aborted the efforts of both governments’ and many professionals alike i n many African countries. An analytic cross- sectional study design using qualitative and quanti tative methods were used to examine household and community knowledge, attitude, practices and challe nges of its waste disposal and management in Kintampo North District of Ghana. Of a total of 250 household heads interviewed, 176 (70.4%) were males, 74 (29.6%) were females, 134 (53.6%) were no t educated, 55.5% were either farmers or labourers , while greater than 29% were above the age of 60 yea rs. While majority of the respondents 207 (82.8%) disposes their waste products at refuse dump and op en gutters, only 0.4% of waste disposal was done by the sanitary workers, and majority 237 (94.8%) d o not separate their waste materials before disposa l, 35% of whom believe that all waste is recyclable wa ste and should not be separated.

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